FINALLY I'M BACCCCCCCK!! No more hiatus! i've missed you guys so much <3 Did you miss me too ?? :D

Choreographer Tony Testa(MisterTesta) update with SJ:

: Final day of reh with mio amico

Thanks for the amazing gift.

@Great work gentlemen

Hae casually hugging Kyu while he talks

140927 The news stated Leeteuk will comeback today and Shindong announced to be enlist on mid august this year. Yesung that have enlist on 2013 will maybe end on 2015 which it will be 1986 members (Sungmin, Eunhyuk & Donghae) next to take enlist also on May 2015. And like for the youngest members of SJ, Kyuhyun (born on 1988 will be finish enlist on 4-5 years more. And enlistment members will maybe until on 2020 and if that time came SJ will already debut for 15years..


[COMIC] welcome back~!! ♥

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InYoung unnie tweeted: D-Day!!!

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