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If my heart can’t have you, then it’ll stop…

Siwon comfort Eunhyuk with a bear hug | Video by Sorry143

here i stand

eunhyuk vcr words [ss6 seoul] :

“You who came far to see boyfriends, 

did you dress prettily? 

Did you eat? 

Lets date happily today!!!”


Lyrics to Eunhyuk’s Solo

eunhyukee44: With arms and legs tied, I cough up a scream. With the truth hidden, even cold lies are familiar. All with the same chilling smiles, pretending to be kind cosplay. Don’t want to say anything anymore. Bow and stay silent. Were everyone dead? I, listening to words like ‘don’t become trash, become a lie’, is also fake. (You) destroyed what used to be an unchanging dream, but what? The one who’s changed is you guys, what more do you want from me.
Being aware, losing to the silence; a flower bloom in the mud; Turned on the light in the darkness and I’m walking with my shoulders straight.

I won’t ever lose. Try pushing me more. This isn’t a maze, mirror. Put away those dirty hands. Your last place is on the keyboard; behind my back are friends who trust me. Try living like that forever. Nobody cares about desperate excuses. Why do you look at me so hard like that? Pitiful! Watch and see if I get out of here (because of you). Keep hiding there and continue to bark like crazy! I will walk my path, just follow my tail. See clearly with (your) two eyes how far I go. With arms and legs tied, I cough up a scream. With the truth hidden, even cold lies are familiar… (c)

eunhyukee44: Our friendship forever #MoviesAreAtBestWhenYouWatchItAlone (c)

KKT convo:
Who wants to watch movie?~~~

…… *no reply* (15 of 21 people read the message but didn’t reply)
Eunhyuk: Assa, I shall go watch it alone! (c)

@ryeong9: Watch it with me after I finish radio. Is there any showing at late night ㅠ (c)

@nae1004: Really sorry for saying no when you asked to watch a movie together ㅠ hyung is really tired today kk (c)

Drunk Hyukjae is the cutest x)

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